Decisions, Decisions

Today was an amazing day, yesterday was frustrating and weird, and it’s been over two weeks since we had a chat, so Kelsen & Kev sat down and chatted about what’s going on in the world. From the Supreme Court of the United States, to tribal sovereignty, to Senator Shannon Augare, to the Grandstreet Theatre production of “Next Fall”, we cover quite a lot in a very interesting hour. You’ll enjoy it!

Catching Up

logoIt’s been about a month since our last show, as Kelsen has been out traveling the world, and Kev has been busy with local stuff, but we finally found a moment and have caught up on all that’s happened. You’ll enjoy the show, for sure.

On a scheduling note, we’re going to go to an Every-Other-Week show for the summer, as there is so much going on that we want to do, and discussing the subjects we want to discuss can easily wait just a bit as we enjoy the sun. We hope you’ll still join us.

Unicorns and Deviate Sex Acts

Montana’s Most Opinionated Podcast™ returns for another scintillating discussion about all things that have happened in the lives of Kelsen & Kev. With gay sex now being decriminalized in Montana, as well as the de-gendering of the Partner Family Assault laws, there have been some huge wins in the Montana Legislature. And then there was Boston, and the 24-Hour News cycle, and our delightful solution for you. Join us, won’t you?

My Head Hurts

Well, it’s been a whirlwind week of madness here in the Capitol City and Montana’s Most Opinionated Podcast™ has decided to tackle beer, HB616, HB2, Medicaid Expansion, the political rift in the GOP and the holy buckets of madness that have been spread around in the hopes it’s just manure. Imagine the world.

Adorkable Birthdays and Highway Fashions

On this episode of Montana’s Most Opinionated Podcast™, you’ll hear about how rapey certain groups aren’t, how the map of Helena is confusing, and just how many wonderful things in the world are just absolutely adorkable. We also take about IHOP arson, the Montana Legislature, Education in general, horrible people and technological advances. Won’t you join us as we wander aimlessly through the last week.

Inappropriate Humors

This week kicks off with a re-wrap of last week, as well as some thoughts on the current legislature, some quick news about Cow Tipping Comedy, and the fact that humor finds a home in the most unlikely of places. There’s a good bit about what’s going on with bills upcoming in the legislature, as well as some commentary on why some bills should die in a fire. Enjoy the show!

Once again, Do See Do

Well, it’s back to the regular grind as Kelsen & Kev take on the beginning of the new year, the start of the Montana Legislature, and the hopes, challenges and ideas that have sprung forth. Plus, there’s the secrets of Vegas, the aged half of the show, and a rant that concludes with commentary about Jodi Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes. It’s another one of those shows, y’all! Enjoy!

Discriminating Minds

logoThis is a very special episode of the show where Kelsen & Kev are joined by Kim Abbot and Jamee Greer of the Montana Human Rights Network, Niki Zupanic of ACLU Montana, Shane Castle of the Helena Vigilante and Amy Ophus, a leader of the steering committee that helped to craft and pass the Helena Non-Discrimiation Ordinance that was passed, unanimously, by the Helena City Commission last night. History was made, but like most parts of history, it’s not all a bed of roses. There’s a thorn or two in this, and we discuss it. Join us!

Prepping for the New Year

It’s another great show with Kelsen & Kev as we spend a bit of time going over Daylight Savings Time, Skiing, Guns, Nuts, Golf and the discrimination ordinance in Helena. It’s a great conversation and Kelsen adds a wonderful soundtrack. Another wonderful show, and you’ll enjoy it, we promise.

American Tradition of Lying

This week it’s Kelsen’s turn to get fired up, and she brought props! You don’t want to miss this episode of the show! With only 5 days until the election, and all that entails for both the candidates and the electorate, you will not believe what’s been going on – even after we tell you about it. But you’ll laugh, and, hopefully, vote! Enjoy!

Snowing, Driving and Winning

Join us this week as we cover the snow that’s covering us, Helena’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance and the brouhaha that arose with that, the fact that there’s only 12 days left till the election and just a nice break from your morning. Kelsen & Kev have all the news that’s probably not really fit for print, and that’ll make you giggle. At least, the way they present it will! Enjoy!

Eighteen Days of Pajama Pants

While we aren’t allowed to mention Kelsen’s roommate Zach Slattery, but it’s ok, there’s plenty of other things to start a conversation. This week, we discuss, of all shocking things, politics. I know, right? We discuss a bit of the latest PoliticktickBOOM episode, the random stupidity of the GOP candidates that are keeping a bunch of illegal contributions, and pajama pants.

Yes, pajama pants.

Then we find out that Kelsen cried a bit recently. We were not even sure she had tear ducts. Pajama pants and Kelsen crying. The end is nigh, friends. The End. Is. Nigh.

The links in this show:

A Queer, A Jolt, And Seeing Thru Time

Join Kelsen & Kev as they discuss the elections, the debates, a Pakistani girl getting shot in the head because she wants to go to school (yes, for real), and where you can get coffee in Helena that lets you SEE THRU TIME! Another week, another discussion where the world’s madness gets reduced down to a quick bit of chatting between awesome friends. You totally want to listen to this episode.

The Forums and the Knocking

This week, Kelsen & Kev talk a bit more about the play, and the fact that there are only 40 days left in the election cycle, and there’s so much going on, you can’t even imagine everything. You’ll find out when Kelsen filed her first motion with the court of her dad, why Kev thinks there’s too much back in politics, and why this is the most fun in the world! Enjoy the show!

The Show, The Second and The Week

Join Kelsen & Kev as they recap the week in politics, including lots of good news, and the things they find interesting. Like what is the title bestowed on the spouse of the Vice President? Does anyone really know? And why are idiots in charge of things? These questions may even be answered. Come listen!

Nuclear Perky and the Smoky Air

This week, Kelsen & Kev discuss all the madness that includes the RNC Convention, the politics of the day, the beginning of football, the power of the fire season and the idea of having guests on the show. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they planned ahead for this. Also, yet again, billboards.

Quotes, Misquotes and Bonbons

This week Kelsen and Kev are back chatting about all the things that are worth discussing. Yes, there’s some hiking, so musical theatre, some politics, and just because it’s needs discussing, there’s a touch about rape. Yep, it could be more random, but that’d take the thousand monkeys-with-typewriters and a lot of booze. Enjoy!

00001 – A New Beginning of Hello World!

The show is just beginning, and there’s not much to say that we don’t cover in it. It’s all very meta. Join Kelsen & Kev as they discuss the whys, wheretos and whatnots of the world around them. And maybe they’ll even discuss some topics! Trust us, after all, it’s name of the show!