Decisions, Decisions

Today was an amazing day, yesterday was frustrating and weird, and it’s been over two weeks since we had a chat, so Kelsen & Kev sat down and chatted about what’s going on in the world. From the Supreme Court of the United States, to tribal sovereignty, to┬áSenator Shannon Augare, to the Grandstreet Theatre production of “Next Fall”, we cover quite a lot in a very interesting hour. You’ll enjoy it!

Catching Up

logoIt’s been about a month since our last show, as Kelsen has been out traveling the world, and Kev has been busy with local stuff, but we finally found a moment and have caught up on all that’s happened. You’ll enjoy the show, for sure.

On a scheduling note, we’re going to go to an Every-Other-Week show for the summer, as there is so much going on that we want to do, and discussing the subjects we want to discuss can easily wait just a bit as we enjoy the sun. We hope you’ll still join us.