Adorkable Birthdays and Highway Fashions

On this episode of Montana’s Most Opinionated Podcastâ„¢, you’ll hear about how rapey certain groups aren’t, how the map of Helena is confusing, and just how many wonderful things in the world are just absolutely adorkable. We also take about IHOP arson, the Montana Legislature, Education in general, horrible people and technological advances. Won’t you join us as we wander aimlessly through the last week.

Inappropriate Humors

This week kicks off with a re-wrap of last week, as well as some thoughts on the current legislature, some quick news about Cow Tipping Comedy, and the fact that humor finds a home in the most unlikely of places. There’s a good bit about what’s going on with bills upcoming in the legislature, as well as some commentary on why some bills should die in a fire. Enjoy the show!

Once again, Do See Do

Well, it’s back to the regular grind as Kelsen & Kev take on the beginning of the new year, the start of the Montana Legislature, and the hopes, challenges and ideas that have sprung forth. Plus, there’s the secrets of Vegas, the aged half of the show, and a rant that concludes with commentary about Jodi Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes. It’s another one of those shows, y’all! Enjoy!