What’s that?

Way back in February when Kev started PoliticktickBOOM, the first guest was Kelsen, and the show took off like a rocket. Ever since then Kev has wanted to do a show where he could blather on about the things in the world that need his insight, and after several drinks one night Kelsen agreed to join him on the show.

Nah, it was nothing like that. Kelsen and Kev are just good friends who like to talk about the issues of the day, and find ways to make it better for everyone. And this show, which will encompass their humanity, wit, irreverence, humor and insight, such as they be, should be at least interesting for you to listen to.

To find out more about Kelsen, check out her site, her twitter, and her Facebook.

To find out more about Kev, please rush to the nearest E.R. because there’s something disastrously wrong with you. If that won’t help, he’s got a blog, tweets far too much, shows up on Facebook and, does a couple other podcasts, too.