Snowing, Driving and Winning

Join us this week as we cover the snow that’s covering us, Helena’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance and the brouhaha that arose with that, the fact that there’s only 12 days left till the election and just a nice break from your morning. Kelsen & Kev have all the news that’s probably not really fit for print, and that’ll make you giggle. At least, the way they present it will! Enjoy!

Eighteen Days of Pajama Pants

While we aren’t allowed to mention Kelsen’s roommate Zach Slattery, but it’s ok, there’s plenty of other things to start a conversation. This week, we discuss, of all shocking things, politics. I know, right? We discuss a bit of the latest PoliticktickBOOM episode, the random stupidity of the GOP candidates that are keeping a bunch of illegal contributions, and pajama pants.

Yes, pajama pants.

Then we find out that Kelsen cried a bit recently. We were not even sure she had tear ducts. Pajama pants and Kelsen crying. The end is nigh, friends. The End. Is. Nigh.

The links in this show:

A Queer, A Jolt, And Seeing Thru Time

Join Kelsen & Kev as they discuss the elections, the debates, a Pakistani girl getting shot in the head because she wants to go to school (yes, for real), and where you can get coffee in Helena that lets you SEE THRU TIME! Another week, another discussion where the world’s madness gets reduced down to a quick bit of chatting between awesome friends. You totally want to listen to this episode.